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What is TannerStone?

An Introduction to TannerStone

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If you want a classic hand-crafted stone look, along with an affordable price tag, where would you go? There is only one place where you can find the product you the price you want to pay...delivered within your time frame.

TannerStone[TM], offered by Architectural Concrete Company, Inc., is a highly refined architectural stone manufactured from natural aggregates to simulate natural stone. It is Architectural Concrete Company's own unique line of cast stone. What sets it apart from other cast stone products is its manufacturing process. TannerStone, which looks exactly like natural hand-crafted stone, can enhance a project, create curb appeal, yet still be very affordable.

Molds "With TannerStone," says David Laird, Owner and President of Architectural Concrete Company, "whenever you need a stone product, we have your solution. We have a vast inventory of standard molds and a detailed catalog of shapes and designs which we can offer to the architect and builder. The shapes can be adjusted to be used in many ways. It just depends on the imagination of the designer.

Our standard shapes and sizes can be dropped into any plan for a quality custom look. We have been building our inventory of molds for years. For instance, when we do a custom home with a unique entryway, those molds are added to our catalog and can be used again to create completely new designs. It makes the architect's job so easy because the design has been drawn,the molds already made, and this results in huge savings in both time and money.

In the TannerStone catalog, you will find a wide and varied selection of shapes and designs for entryways, fireplaces, balustrades, window & door surrounds, bands, window sills, signs, column caps and finials. Many pieces come in standard sections which offer these benefits:Form

It is easy for the mason to handle.
It can be cut at the jobsite.
It allows for greater flexibility in residential work where changes occur often.

In summary, TannerStone is cast stone, made with the same care and quality as our custom cast stone pieces. The major difference is it can be produced quickly, less expensively, and in large quantities."

Where is TannerStone used?

TannerStone has been used in projects as diverse as:

The Dean Gardens Mansion in Alpharetta, GA.
A Complete Commercial Development in North Carolina, with banks, business park, and restaurants.
Masco Show Home Of The East in Baltimore, MD.
The Biltmore House Ticket Office in Asheville NC.
1000's Of Houses throughout the USA.

Other custom jobs include St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Atlanta where we matched the original stone. We also shipped over 43,000 pieces of cast stone for two of the Olympic dormitories at Georgia Tech. We matched the stonework on the pre-Civil War Georgia Captial building for a new Georgia Military College Academic Building.

How is TannerStone Made?

Kiln"Manufactured to high density, TannerStone is then hand-finished and cured in 99% humidity at 110 degrees. Crating

We then wash each piece, stack with foam padding and shrink wrap it to protect against damage and jobsite conditions. Contractors are impressed with the care in which way TannerStone is delivered to the job site.," Laird says.

Mixer"We constantly check our mix designs in our lab to ensure our products maintain a standard of 6,500 psi compressive strength. The high density and the high psi assure less water absorption. This means that less water can seep in and freeze, causing breakdown of the concrete ," he explains. "This is why I can assure our customers our product is consistently strong and durable."
If cast stone meets these qualifications of 6,500 psi and 4-6 per cent water absorption, consistent quality is assured.



What is precast concrete?

Many times an architect will specify pre-cast concrete. "That may lead to trouble," predicts Laird. "We really want to reach architects and inform them of the types of materials available and their use. Precast concrete has holes in the surface, referred to as bug holes. It also has a gray cement skin finish and large aggregates inside. Bird baths, parking bumpers, and garden statuary's are examples of precast concrete. Architectural precast is made in large panels to clad a whole building.

With TannerStone, you get the look and feel of natural stone. It is normally white in color and free of bug holes. If you cut precast concrete or architectural precast, you will usually see rocks and gravel. But TannerStone is uniformly made with the same consistency all the way through. When architects specify TannerStone, they know they are getting the best cast stone possible."

In summary, with Architectural Concrete Company, you have two options. We can give an exact price to duplicate a custom design by creating custom molds. But we can also give a price using TannerStone standard shapes to give the same look as your original design and save you time and money. There is no doubt that it is more cost and time effective to use TannerStone with our catalog of existing molds."

Using the latest technology, Architectural Concrete strives to service the needs of its customers. All of our jobs are entered on computer. A program up-dated this past year tracks inventory. There is always an exact count of what is on the job site, number of pieces shipped, and number of pieces ready to ship.

WorkstationAll of the designs and drawings are done on AutoCAD.
CraftsmanThis gives the drafting department the capability to easily duplicate drawings or make changes. The mold department is a critical part of the TannerStone process.Our mold craftsmen are experienced in using wood, plaster, fiberglass, and rubber to achieve the desired shapes.

Workstation"We believe that TannerStone is the future direction of cast stone,"says Laird. "We can show architects, builders, and remodelers how to bring their projects in on time and under budget, yet still enjoy the beauty and custom look of cast stone details. Many architects already specify TannerStone on their projects, and some will accept no substitution. I look forward to the day when all architects use TannerStone specifications.

When you want a Signature Result without busting your budget ask for TannerStone."


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